Executive and Founders


Jocelyn Doucet holds a Chemical Engineering Degree and Ph. D. from Ecole Polytechnique (Montreal, 2004 and 2008) where he is also adjunct professor since 2011.

While completing his Ph. D., he founded Kengtek Engineering, a company specialized in process engineering with a strong emphasize on developing and executing the research and development needed to properly scale-up processes to the industrial and commercial level. This is where he developed more than 20 industrial processes and patents for worldwide clients. His entrepreneurial and engineering skills have made him grow the company every year in various sectors by partnering with larger engineering firms and research centres and by successfully solving complex problems in very innovative ways. As a result of his leadership and dedication to work, he was recognized as one of the greatest young entrepreneur in Canada as 2013 finalist of the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award. He also received the Rogers New Technology award for Pyrowave in 2013 and won the local and regional prizes for the most promising young entrepreneur in Science and Technology and Sustainable Energy.


Jean-Philippe Laviolette holds a Bachelor Degree and a Master of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University (Montreal, 2003 and 2005) as well as a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique (Montreal, 2010). He currently holds a researcher position in the department of Chemical Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique since 2011.

He has developed extensive management skills for state of the art R&D and engineering projects. During his Ph.D., he joined Rolls-Royce Energy (RR), a multibillion dollar business that manufactures gas turbines for electricity production and mechanical drive for the oil and gas industry. During a two year period, he developed and managed a new $500k strategy to upgrade Rolls-Royce’s ability to measure and guarantee gas turbines pollutant emissions to customers around the World. The project involved several RR divisions and it successfully changed RR technology roadmap for the next 10 years and upgraded RR tools for emissions measurement and predictions for existing and new products. In his role, managed teams of engineers and technicians as well as dealing the several RR divisions involved in his project. He also gained key insights into the management tools and strategies of large organizations. After two years at RR, he left the company since he thrived to participate in new projects that would challenge his creativity and know-how.


Olivier Leblanc has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration (B.A.A) and has cumulated strong experience in production management and continuous improvement. He has a great area of expertise in human ressource management, Health and Safety and preventive maintenance programs. His role is setting up plant production in Valleyfield as well as structuring the training program of our technical crew.





Advisory Board


Jean-Xavier Morin has over 35 years of experience in engineering and energy processes and spent more than 25 years at Alstom where he worked as an RD engineer on advanced cycles (supercritical cycles), material, process, flue gas treatment, CFB systems, waste to energy plants, and gas combined cycles, and advanced CO2 capture systems. He also worked in Stuttgart on the design of circulating fluidized bed boilers before being promoted Director of Technology for Boilers and Environmental Systems at Alstom Power before retiring. Since 2003, he is the chairman of the Research Funds for Coal and Steel ( RFCS ) TGC3 group monitoring clean fossil fuels projects execution.

Currently working as an independent consultant in a variety of fields ranging from biomass and wastes thermal conversion, CO2 capture by chemical looping, heavy oil and bitumen thermal conversion, biomass industrial boilers, coal fired Circulating fluid bed boilers.


Serge Dumontier holds a Chemical Engineering Degree from Sherbrooke University, Quebec, Canada, (December 1983).

From 1984 to 2010, he has cumulated 27 years of experience in petroleum refining with Shell, Montreal East Refinery. Since 2011, he is working with different companies as an energy and production strategy consultant.


Gilles Bernardin holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from École Polytechnique Montréal (1973) and a MBA from Concordia University (1994). From 1973 to 2011, he has cumulated 35 years of experience in the cement industry with Miron Inc. and St Lawrence Cement/Holcim Canada. Since 2011, he is working on a contractual basis for Holcim Canada and other companies for energy recovery applications of different types of waste streams. His experience with Holcim Canada includes cement plant operations, the selection and characterization of wastes streams compatible with the cement process, the permitting and selection of equipment for the processing of those streams as well as the commercial development of Holcim co-processing services. His work at Holcim has led to the substitution of traditional fuels through the co-processing of different residual materials. This enables the annual replacement of approximately 50,000 tons of coal per cement plant and generates substantial savings

Since 2013, he is President of the Regroupement des Récupérateurs et des Recycleurs de Matériaux de Construction et de Démolition du Québec (3RMCDQ) and he is also a board member of the Centre de Transfer Technologique en Écologie Industrielle, which is affiliated with the Sorel-Tracy CEGEP.


Mr. Jean-Michel Gires was a Partner and Venture Partner at Chrysalix Energy. Mr. Gires served for three years as Executive Vice President of Sustainable Development & Environment at Total SA and as President at Total Energy Ventures International SAS. He is highly familiar with the venture capital space. Mr. Gires has been an Officer and President of Total Fina Elf S.A. since 2003. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Total E&P Canada Ltd. from 2009 to December 2012. He served as Senior Vice President, Sustainable Development Environment and Industrial Safety of Total SA (Formerly Total Fina Elf S.A.) since 2003. Over the 20 years, Mr. Gires has led a range of projects around the world and was instrumental in establishing best practices for Total’s projects in the areas of advanced research & development, project management, environmental responsibility, stakeholder relations and community capacity building. His support for venture capital in industry culminated in the creation of Total Energy Ventures and his continued dedication to sustainable practices led to him launch the Total Ecosolutions label which features a dozen petroleum and petrochemical-based products developed via environmentally-responsible manufacturing and leading life cycle analysis processes. Mr. Gires’s career at Total also included the senior roles of President TotalFinaElf Venezuela, Senior Vice President North Sea Division, Vice President Strategy and Planning Control, Executive Vice President Market Portugal and Chief Executive Officer Total Spain. Prior his long tenure at Total, he was Chief Executive Officer at the Bureau de Contrôle of Nuclear Construction for the French Ministry of Industry. Mr. Gires is the Chairman of Energy Technology Centre at Innovate Calgary. He has been an Independent Director at Questor Technology, Inc. since September 25, 2013. He was a Co-Chairman of the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative and Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance. Mr. Gires hwas Director of Inventys Thermal Technologies, Inc since April 2014. He has also received one of France’s highest civilian honours, the Chevalier of the Legion D-Honneur. Mr. Gires has 25 years energy industry experience with varied and distinguished career in mining, heavy oil and sustainable development and proven leadership skills. Mr. Gires is a graduate of France’s Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines and an Engineer with the Corps des Mines.