Plastic-Recycling Pyrowave is Named in the 2017 Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch List

Plastic-Recycling Pyrowave is Named in the 2017 Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch List

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Serge Dumontier

Montréal, Québec, Canada – November 7, 2017: Pyrowave Inc, a pioneer in plastic recycling using modular microwave technology, today announced it was named in the 2017 Global Cleantech 100 Ones to Watch list, produced by Cleantech Group (CTG).


The GCT100 Ones to Watch list seeks to highlight a group of up-and-coming companies that are catching the eye of leading investors and corporates in the market. The companies made the top 250 in this year’s Global Cleantech 100 program and carry pockets of strong support among the GCT100’s Expert Panel, albeit they did not have quite enough market support to make the 9th edition of the Global Cleantech 100 list itself (which will be published on January 22, 2018). As such, these companies represent this year’s Ones to Watch.

“The Global Cleantech 100 program is our annual in-depth research exercise to identify the innovation companies leading players in the market are most excited by right now,” said CTG’s CEO, Richard Youngman. “By the nature of the list, the Ones to Watch truly represent the next cadre of exciting disruptive companies.”


“Plastic waste is becoming a central preoccupation due to its impact on our oceans, land and more importantly on how we use our resources”, said Jocelyn Doucet, CEO of Pyrowave. “This year was a turning point after 8 years of intense development as we gained a lot of attention and visibility internationally with our first commercial scale unit in operation. Being the recipient of the 2017 Cleantech Group Ones-to-Watch is crowning a remarkable year of successes and will help us continue transforming the plastic recycling industry to make our world better.”


This year, a record number of nominations for the annual Global Cleantech 100 list were received: 12,300 distinct companies from 61 countries. These companies were weighted and scored to create a short list of 312 companies, with these nominees reviewed by the 86 members of Cleantech Group’s Expert Panel. The Ones to Watch list, a sister list to the annual Global Cleantech 100 list, is created from the top 250 of the shortlist. To qualify for either list, companies must be independent, for-profit cleantech companies that are not listed on any major stock exchange.


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About Pyrowave

Pyrowave is the leader in Catalytic Microwave Depolymerization with its unique patented modular microwave technology that unzips plastics back into their initial constituents. Only 8% of plastics generated today are recycled – yet the costs to haul, store, sort and process plastics are enormous. Using patented Catalytic Microwave Depolymerization (CMD), Pyrowave places small, modular units directly onsite at recycling facilities and at producers of plastic waste. Pyrowave has one machine in operation producing the world’s first Recycled Styrene Monomer (RSM) from post-consumer polystyrene waste that is sold to large polymer companies. Pyrowave’s technology enhances the rate and the range of recyclable materials, reduce logistics costs and produce higher value end products from waste plastics – products such as recycled wax, oil and monomers. The Pyrowave technology is the result of 8 years of research and development and continuous support from various organizations including Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and Transition Énergétique Québec (TEQ). The company has recently received international awards and was named Canada’s 2018 Clean50 in the resource Category.



Jocelyn Doucet

Pyrowave Inc

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