We are hiring! Apply now!

We are hiring! Apply now!

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August 11th 2017 – PYROWAVE is looking for a dynamic and motivated person to fill the position of director of operations. This is a leading position for the company, which is made up of a strong, motivated team that wants to make a difference for the environment.

Reporting to the President and Chief Executive Officer, the role of the Production Manager is to identify, organize, optimize and control production activities. He must manage the budget and production schedules and ensure that everything runs according to specific standards. The production manager must bring solutions to the problems encountered, but also improvements with his team. Autonomous and proactive, he is following technical and industrial evolutions in order to optimize the use of materials, labor and equipment. He ensures the management of employees dedicated to production, quality and Health and Safety on all shifts.

He is in constant collaboration with the various departments of the company, in particular with the Engineering Department, with whom he collaborates closely, but also with suppliers, service providers and customers. Focusing on participatory and accountable management, he acts as a coach for the employees under his responsibility. He participates in all the meetings necessary to carry out these activities or necessary for the success of the business.

Are you looking for a challenge to matches your skills? We offer you this opportunity. We will make an extraordinary team if you are creative, proactive, autonomous, and focused results and if so wish to participate actively in the deployment of a transformative technology.

You must also be very careful with detail and be rigorous, be very professional, even in the most difficult situations and in this sense you demonstrate calm and resistance to stress. In addition, you must have a mindset for analysis and synthesis to better define the problems and participate in the development of realistic solutions. Lastly, the change of priorities and last minute turnovers should not frighten you, but rather motivate you.

Qualifications and attitudes required:
1. Have a university degree in Operations Management.
2. Have 5-8 years experience in similar duties.
3. Have a significant experience in starting a business.
4. Be perfectly bilingual.
* Due to the nature of the position, this position requires occasional availability on all shifts

If you the qualifications, send your resume and a cover letter before Aug. 25 to the attention of Caroline Germain at caroline.germain@alternativerh.com. THE INTERVIEWS WILL BE September 11 and 13, 2017.

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